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Dear Friends and Family ~

In honor and loving memory of Brian Tha & Raphael Saechao, the Iu-Mien Student Conference (IMSC) Committee (a very successful collaborative of Iu-Mien Community Services and Sacramento City Unified School District) has created The Iu-Mien Student Conference Hero Artist Scholarship Award. Brian was a former IMSC Chairperson, a tireless community advocate, and a skilled artist.  He worked with the Iu-Mien Senior Social Group at IMSC and he loved to draw.  He was also the editor, director, and producer of the first and only IMSC movie.  During the many years of Brian’s involvement in the community as a volunteer and most recently, as a Lead Program Coordinator for IMCS, he had hoped of one day creating an art scholarship for Iu-Mien students with a devoted interest in art and in giving back to their community.  Today, we hope that this scholarship fulfills Brian’s dream and preserves his endearing memory, legacy, and spirit forever.

On May 29, 2013 at University of California, Davis, for the 15th Annual Iu-Mien Student Conference and the First Annual Hero Artist Scholarship Award, we announced the three recipients of the award. 

The Foundation’s goal for the 16th Annual Iu-Mien Student Conference is to award a total of $5,000 to Iu-Mien graduating high school students. The majority of the foundation's contributions come from generous donors like you. We hope you will donate either your time and/or money to the IMSC Hero Artist Scholarship for the upcoming conference year.

Through IMCS's 501(c)(3) non-profit status, you can make a tax deductible contribution today by clicking on the donation button below. It will direct you to the United Iu-Mien Community--Hero Artist Schoalrship Paypal donation page. If you would like to volunteer your time or mail-in a check, please visit

For every donation, you are eligible to receive a Hero Artist t-shirt. If you would like one, please specify the size and style: men or ladies. State this on the additional info section, if you are donating via Paypal.

We thank you for your consideration to support the Iu-Mien community and students.



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